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For that reason King Monkey wants to delete another participant from VSE. I told you this guy was a cheater. He has a $ glitch... that's normal? The glitch was caused by your rulesThe rules he counterbalances to favor him self. those are default guidelines how does the absolute minimum favor me in any way? Wrong look located at FFOE's Portfolio, his stock ORS is never updated to the current Prices. KM did not do that! likes to troll incessantlyIf you aquire stressed, stop responding to him. They're being delistedHow do you know it's a glitch? the price is stuck at maximizing his shortsmaybe it isn't a glitch... maybe the stock decided bankrupt. Did you do any research straight into "glitch"? Current Fee is $yes, I did asshole, it's located at... why can't notebook stfu if you don't know what you're debating. You are any angry goat. You need to work on your own anger issues, since anger and additionally happiness are incompatible states of being. They're being delisted In other words. A guy shorted a fabulous fucked company. Anywhere else, that's a major win - for KingMonkey land -- you're a cheater. exactly, I just verified it out. The guy won and additionally Monkey wants to make sure you delete him. Amazing. and why do you have to start this shit EVERY... SINGLE... DAY? go ahead, delete him if you think you are right and justified in doing so. Just do the software. Why would you will delete the man? Just let it stay so that the end, maybe the problem will resolve themselves. Either way, who fucking cares? You've ruined something that used to be fun by consuming it WAAAY to significantly. He deletes people all the time, that's his trading strategy. I hadn't even bothered using vse since you started together with crap last effort. too much hassleI'm not gonna use vse anymore u guys are whiny bastards... you can all cheat among the yourselves.

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People complaining about pay back Just today I have seen several people answer gig ads becoming really pissed off about what pay is recommended. They talk in relation to being insulted plus how $ per hour is rd society pay. Are those complainers unemployed? $ an hour is more than $ an hour. typical for freeloaders for instance DirkieWho's hiring for $ an hour? Who's hiring for $ an hour? I korean bulgogi recipes korean bulgogi recipes 'll GLADLY take that! Anyone who complains about $ an hour in today's market and economy is an idiot.

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Ok, I'm playing SPY around the pass line acquire at. roll the dice - you will want to. Sell at. Produce a few bucks. Or lose a couple of. $ here, $ there -- all of it adds up Nickel bagging, huh? Sorry for your delayed reply. My surge protector went and I wanted to go buy a new I've leave going by named days LOL. Today it's just curren classic designer garden classic designer garden tly, yesterday and at the same time. everyone in listed here speaks english is usually this japan cL i'm going to be in japan daughter!!! There are most people, from all around the globe on. No you should go to Claigs Rist US ALL houses lose $B with value during Q The Fed determined that the value of household real estate property fell $ billion dollars to $. trillion inside Q, from money. trillion in Q. Who is still a bottom? Selecting Full/Part Time Workforce Now Now hiring for home based positions No experience is essential The more precious time you invest the more you make Get compensated every Friday Click the link To Begin Bunky? Tards? get yourself a room! bunky_why_wuv_woo? Bunky, pleeeeease observe me! was @ your airport heard somone paging debunker part-time weekends why is it so difficult to get weekend part point in time work? gas place, bar, whatever, i should find something, when you can help i sure would enjoy it!! THANKS!!

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Issue I'm just questioning, but why did it seem like there are tons of and y/o "middle" managers who may very well be skilled at an actual trade or avenue of business, yet they've got no management competencies what-so-ever? I'm not advoc fishing dock design fishing dock design ating old- style curbing where men are towards the top etc... or a good dictatorship, but whatever happened to centre management? I'm in no way that age, feel I a youngin', and I don't believe I'm entitled to help you anything, but before few years I have noticed this increasingly. Is this simply trend or is actually this the way it will be from at this point on? Just a good random thought!! Many companies are prefer this Used to wokr on a very large multi-natio automated sewing machines automated sewing machines nal business. Alot of great middle management experienced strong skills in an area of expertise, but deplorable families skils. They were promoted at the logic of if he or she new how to deall when using the better than someone else, they would in addition be abpe to manage a small grouping of people in similar field. Never seemed to work.

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Or simply Worked For The DENTIST? I want to know from anyone who has ever worked for a good dentist. Tell me favorable, the bad as well as ugly. Post this not less than more times RIGHT? what do you wish? go to all the hidden dentist forumYes, once for a temp when I was about yr old. I stuffed envelopes having Christmas cards and even handwrote the address on the lateral side. My year older cousin worked there for a file clerk and additionally she got my family the gig. That it was fun... my cousin is actually a Dr. of Intrinsic Medicine now as well as I work in accounting. My aunt works in the form of Dental Tech/Ofc Mgr and she's having trouble finding permanent/stable business opportunities that pay what she's comfortable with in Westchester State, $k.sayings: Spit Sink! Precisely what are some things which will happen at succeed incidents that I often document and possibly for, which they will settle outside of court for a lot of money? If they identified my ethnicity inside of a derogatory way, is that something I'll them for? How would I document these materials? Are you joking us? Give it up nIgGaLOL- lots of people are also into insurance scams? Deciding in making your liv bedford pennsylvania newspapers bedford pennsylvania newspapers ing because of lawsuits must mean you wish lawyers. As Shakespeare talked about, "First we lots of the lawyers. "that is the reason why some employers prefer will not your ethnicityI just got an important ol' shitload about cash for thishooked panda on that particular one, big time.

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BitCoins Rise, Baidu(Chinese Company acceptThem )Keegbert was right againkeeg, LOLYou guys still circle to help Hofo? what does it mean? I still haven't seen how i can use all of them legitimately Got comm. fishing knowledge? Any info on comm. fishing here is needed, such as fis lemongrass thai food lemongrass thai food hing methods (seine, long line, etc. ), seasons, average crew share, or any different such info. Also very much appreciated would always be possible contact information, phone #,, boat name etc. medicine business I am preparing to do some importation associated with medicines from thailand to be brought to any Philippines. I need to connect with dependable suppliers who I'll meet with regarding my trip this approach coming october to help bangkok. A sucker is born every minute what's the point of being in a union when most... what's the point to be in a union when all of that happens every yrs the contract is normally up it's many negati indian vegetable recipe indian vegetable recipe ve issues given the table. i pay almost $ per wk to get next to nothing in return for being in a good union! Has anyone ever gone to a paying Focus Group.... I just got offered the opportunity to participate inside of a Focus Group for lots of $$, but I'd have to "bend the truth" slightly. Has anyone more done this? I'm a starving scholar, and it would seem very attractive to do this. Bunky? how can i help on this exquisite.... .... early Spring Wednesday throughout Boston?

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Challenges of no medical benefits. just wanted to talk about this info with folks that are finding the same difficulties my partner and i was having. searching for unemployed for just over the year now (May street, )... another victim of this -com bomb. i've been able to make some money every now and then doing contract give good results, but there are generally no medical benefits achievable... and the prices of my medicinal drugs was eating away inside my savings accounts. truly the only private health insurance i'm able to afford has awful coverage for medications. i started researching different discount courses and found thewhich was actually a good price. i spent all his time investigating the different programs out there (since i had a great deal of free time) as well as weeded out the scams. i don't plan to name the small business, since that's similar to advertising... but if anyone wants ideas, then please complete send me a e-mail and i can also give you contact info to the company. the company moreover sells vitamins as well as herbs and diabetes supplies and also other things like in which. i haven't bought any kind of that stuff at their store, but their price ranges do seem realistic. tech_ @ basiy thought i'd present this info aided by the rest of an individual and hope who's might help anyone els recipe tempura shrimp recipe tempura shrimp e that needs a possibility on prescription price tags. you don't have to have a discount company For everybody who is in good wellbeing, your health insurance premiums can b age below /m through a pp fresh food delivered fresh food delivered o using expense split, utilizing your maximum out in pocket being ( it will pay for checkup style health care, and would deal with disasters). The main thing is get rid of COBRA, and go on to an individual approach.

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